Free & Open-source

Made for developers and designers who want to create theme options easily.

Drag & Drop Generator

Use the interactive generator to generate your theme options code

Easy to Use

Acid is a Customier API wrapper that makes creating theme options easy.

Bundle in your Theme

No plugins to download, easier for you and your customers

Getting Started

Acid is a WordPress Customizer API wrapper, that takes the hassle out of creating WordPress theme options. With Acid, theme developers and designers can easily create and maintain their theme options, with way less, and easier to manage code, and save countless hours at the same time. Acid also comes with a theme options generator tool, where you can use a drag & drop interface to create all the theme options that you want!


Installing the Acid library is easy, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the zip of latest release.
  2. Extract the folder and place it somewhere in your theme.
  3. In your theme’s functions.php file, add a require_once to the library’s main php file.

Theme Options Generator Tool

The easiest way to create your theme options is to use the Acid Generator tool, which allows you to visually create panels, sections and options. The generator will generate a snippet of code that you can add to your theme.

Use the Generator

Outputting Theme Options

So you created the customizer options, now you need to output them in your theme templates. You can use the WordPress function

get_theme_mod( 'option_id", __( 'Default value', 'text-domain') )

You can read more on this function on the WordPress Codex page.