About Acid Framework

This project was started in November of 2017, as a solution to a pain that we have in our job. We create themes and custom client websites regularly.

Creating theme options is simply time consuming. Whether you’re using the Customizer API codex, or a wrapper framework, you still have to copy & paste options, place them in the proper place in your large files of theme options code, and get a headache every time you need to change the priority on something, or where a section belongs. Additionally, you have to remember, or keep referencing section & panel IDs, or create an interface just to maintain static consts for your IDs. The point I am trying to make is that, creating and managing theme options in WordPress using the Customizer API costs you time, and therefore money, and takes the focus away from building and designing a beautiful theme, with all sorts of easily createable options.

There are some wonderful solutions that leverage the Options API, however WordPress has standardized on the Customizer API, and using Options API frameworks is not very intuitive anymore, especially with new WordPress users that have adopted the framework in the past couple of years.

To sum up; Acid Framework and Acid Generator are two tools that we created to reduce the amount of time spent on building theme options. And I think they will do the same for you, which is why Acid Framework is licensed under GPL for everyone to use.

Should You Use Acid Framework ?

If you want to build a theme with customizable options, then yes, you should definitely use Acid Framework, regardless whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced developer.